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Sorry that I’ve let this blog go stale.  Spending time with Bentley Learning to breathe again.  But stay tuned….


To our friends around the US, my son, Mike, and I hope you’re watching us on the latest season of the AMAZING RACE. Sunday nights,... Read More


Welcome to! Thanks for this visit. Hope you come back. However, I have to warn you in the words of Bette Davis, “Hang on.... Read More

Why we can’t wait…to take it to the streets!

It’s been more than thirty years since this latest season of protest began at the Stonewall Bar in New York City, and with all the changes we can celebrate, the real problem remains the same: the antigay religious teachings and actions that support intolerance and discrimination are still powerfully in place in our Protestant and Catholic Churches. ... It is time to commit ourselves to participate in local, regional, state-wide and national campaigns of relentless nonviolent resistance (guided by the ‘soul force’ principles of Gandhi and King) that will convince church leaders to do justice at last.