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stranger_at_the_gate_hardcover_and_paperbackStranger at the Gate: To be Gay and Christian in America

In this moving, best-selling autobiography, Mel White comes out of the closet to give hope to other gay and lesbian Christians, to confront the misleading anti-gay rhetoric of the radical right, and to launch his own fight for justice and understanding for God’s gay and lesbian children. Mel and Gary have received (and answered) more than 50,000 letters from readers who were both inspired and informed by this book.

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In 2008, millions of Americans thought Barack Obama’s election signaled the defeat and eventual disappearance of the “religious right.”

In Holy Terror Mel White warns us that fundamentalist Christianity didn’t die that day.

The Tea-party movement is simply the ‘religious right’ in disguise,” he warns. “Half of those who identify with the Tea Party consider themselves a part of the old ‘religious right.’

They believe the Bible is the literal word of God and that America is a Christian nation.

Sixty-three percent believe that abortion should be illegal.

Eighty-two percent oppose same-sex marriage.

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 Grace and Demion

Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.  C. S. Lewis

A Confession by the Author

“During my teenage years I was told that my homosexuality was ‘from the devil’ and that being Gay would send me ‘straight to hell.’ Sixty years later well-meaning Christians still misuse the Bible to warn LGBTQ teenagers that their sexual orientation is ‘from the devil’ and that accepting themselves as they are will send them ‘straight to hell.’

“If those same well-meaning Christians are so determined to misuse heaven and hell, angels and demons to scare LGBTQ teenagers into believing that God won’t love them unless they “change,” I’m equally determined to use heaven and hell, Grace and Demion to show my sisters and brothers that God has created them and loves them exactly as they are.

“Sixty–one years have passed since I first met Grace, the guardian angel of God’s LGBTQ creations and Demion, her hunky little adversary. I was a thirteen-year-old Boy Scout experiencing my first  crush on another Boy Scout when they suddenly appeared in my life.

“I have to admit that six decades later there are still times I’m hassled by Demion. At the same time Grace has never failed me. Every day she reminds me that as an out gay man I am loved unconditionally by my Creator and just knowing that has made all the difference.”

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