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  1. mema

    I saw you on utube for the first time on a CNN spot with Anderson Cooper. Im sorry if this comes off crude but I am not sure what bible you are using in your possitiin that God has no issue with homosexuality. I can understand that simply being gay or having those desires most likely not seperate one from Gods love but to practice homosexuakity as you do is a different matter entirely. I also know for a fact that the idea that most Christians in fact do not hate one simply for being gay but do hate the sin itself. I realize that it is your possition that they in fact do but I feel that stems from other discriminations you have experienced. Myself being a minority can relate to this perception. I concern myself with this issue because as a pastor people would look.to.you for guidence and how will God view you missleading even one of his sheep?! It is even by biblucal standards a very treacherous road you travel to put yourself at odds with Gods laws and teach falsely. God says that men who lay with men will not inherit Gods Kingdom. That its practice allianates one from Him. How do.you.justly deny these and many other biblical passages?! My stand is not to deny you are Christian because that just means you accept Christ as your savior but you are not in good standing with God if.you willfully practice sin.

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